Self Defence

Why train with KMDT?

KMDT teaches members realistic self defence techniques including Krav Maga and Aikido. These techniques can be utilised in a variety of different scenarios and have proved extremely effective when dealing with attackers. We understand and appreciate that each student has different capabilities and individual learning styles. Therefore, we strive to accommodate all of our student’s needs. The KMDT training system can be adapted for anyone despite a learning or physical disability.

Since the company’s inception, KMDT has created an ego-free environment, where each student supports and encourages each other to reach their individual milestones. Building the company in this fashion allows new and existing members to feel empowered, a strong sense of belonging and supported by everyone in the organisation.

With our members including both adults and junior students, we are the first Krav Maga organisation to encourage both levels to train together. Structuring our classes in this manner increases the bond between parents and their children, strengthening the trust and respect within a family. By training under our system, members feel an immediate boost of confidence and a dramatic increase in fitness.

Our instructor team is highly experienced in a number of different fields ranging from nutrition to physiotherapy. Using their invaluable experience and knowledge, the instructor team is dedicated and focussed on helping students with every aspect of their training to ensure their journey in KMDT is continuously beneficial during their time with the organisation. Due to the rapid progression of our juniors, we are the first Krav Maga organisation to offer junior assistant instructor courses to a select number of our juniors. After completing the course in July of 2017, the assistant instructors are now assisting all members, proving that age is not a limitation to what they can achieve.

At KMDT, we recognise the importance of a student’s mental health and believe it’s just as important as their physical health. KMDT is the only Krav Maga organisation that offers a free counselling service to all of its members. We actively encourage members to speak out about any mental health issues they may be experiencing. If some members choose to utilise the service, they are paired with experienced NLP practitioners to assist them with their hardships. If you wish to join our organisation, please visit and contact us to begin your journey of empowerment and fulfilment.