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At KMDT, we are passionate and committed to delivering bespoke courses for schools. We believe Self Defence should be taught as part of the curriculum, as it can help tackle bullying, mental health and keep children safe.

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Due to our continued growth and positive momentum, we have been contacted by several schools including Q.E Girls School, Dame Alice Owen’s School and Brookman’s Park Primary School to deliver bespoke self defence courses. We understand that each school has different needs, backgrounds and learning styles.
As a result, KMDT prides itself on catering each block of sessions to the school and individual students needs. We specialise in helping students combat mental health, stress, anxiety, confidence building and keeping themselves safe. By doing so, we ensure that schools and students receive an engaging, informative and interactive Krav Maga experience, providing them with realistic techniques that can be utilised in a variety of scenarios.
One of the principle techniques that we teach is situational awareness. This technique teaches students how to detect the signs of a potential threat and use their body language and tone of voice in an attempt to diffuse it. If the perpetrator continues to persist with their threat, students will be taught the quickest and most effective way to escape from the situation, minimising their chances of suffering injuries.
Additionally, we also teach students how their environment can be an instrumental tool in combatting an attacker. Upon completion of our bespoke courses, participants will be equipped with a wide range of self defence skills, making them feel safer and more empowered in their daily lives, which is the sole ethos and purpose of our company. If you are a school principle or a member of the teaching staff and would like to enrol your students on one of our courses, complete the attached form and empower your students today.

‘Thank you to KMDT for providing personalised self defence training to our female students. Over 350 girls were given introductory training over 2 and half days. Girls left with confidence and nothing but praise for the instructor who made the sessions fun, engaging and relevant to their needs/ fears as young women. I would not hesitate to recommend them for school sessions and will be bringing them back for more workshops with our students!’ Ceri Matty – Head of Physical Education, Q.E Girls School.

“Sanjeev and his team have been coming into Dame Alice Owen’s School every week to deliver Krav Maga classes to pupils in Year 8. The sessions have been both informative and engaging with the pupils practically learning valuable life skills should they ever need to use them. Sanjeev and his team had a sensitive approach when describing how situations could occur and showed the pupils variations of safe and suitable self- defence techniques which they could use. The students have found this very rewarding and enjoyable. We hope to be able to continue this partnership with Sanjeev and his team during the next academic term.”
– Neil Gamester
Director of Sport

“Over the last few weeks, every student in Year 12 has been given the amazing opportunity of learning self defence in our PE lessons. Taken from the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, our instructor, Sanjeev Mehta from KMDT, has been teaching us the crucial skills of defence and de-escalation, to help us in situations of “common and basic attacks” we may face in our lives. Our instructor has not only been funny and approachable, but incredibly informative, and, with an extensive background in not only martial arts but also a degree in psychology, he has been delivering self defence programs to schools since 2012. We have all learnt simple yet effective skills, such as escape tactics and placating violent offenders, with girls saying they felt “empowered” by all that they have learnt. One student said she felt she had been given “life skills to take into the world”, and we all feel so lucky to have had the chance to learn these vital skills from such an inspiring instructor. Whether escaping from a chokehold, or defending against a punch, we all feel that we have gained something to last a lifetime.”
– Year 12 PE Lessons
Hannah Gillott 12B

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