• KMDT Weapons Bootcamp - KMDT Weapons Bootcamp

On the 2nd of February, KMDT will be hosting its first outdoor Bootcamp in Milton Keynes, which is open to the public and our existing members. This event is designed to enhance fitness and increase their stress levels both mentally and physically. Participants will undergo a series of challenges, allowing them to develop their teamwork and communication skills. In addition to the physical and mental challenges, they will also work with firearms and learning realistic Krav Maga self defence techniques.

Partakers will have a clear understanding of how to protect themselves against firearms by utilising the core principles of KMDT Krav Maga self defence, which include situational awareness and adapting your body language to diffuse a volatile confrontation.

This workshop is focussed on allowing members to rely on their natural instincts to survive in outdoor terrain. Furthermore, we have acquired unlimited access to a shooting range in Milton Keynes, which will be incorporated in the workshop.

Upon completion of this certified workshop, participants will have acquired a variety of self-defence techniques that can be utilised in your natural environment, which will increase their chances of defending themselves in the real world. As a result, partakers will feel an immediate boost in confidence and self-assurance. If you would like to book your place visit www.kmdt.co.uk.

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