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Aviation Workshop

On Sunday, the 23rdof September, we are proud to announce that KMDT will be hosting an Aeroplane workshop in Bournemouth from 11am-2pm. The price of this workshop is £79.99.

Aeroplane hijacking has been a growing threat throughout the world, as there are new reports of different planes being hijacked every year. According to the Mail Online (2018), three people died following a plane hijacking in Saudi Arabia. (Grey, 2018) reports that ?Air rage is on the rise ? the number of passengers forcibly contained rose by 50% last year.? These terrible incidents highlight the seriousness of crimes on an aircraft and thereby prove the danger that airline passengers face when traveling. The news and other mainstream media outlets have urged people to be more aware of this crime whilst informing them of the signs that usually lead to a potential hijacking. KMDT is committed and passionate about tackling this crime in its efforts to protect the public?s safety.

Participants will learn how to use the KMDT self-defence techniques on an aircraft if necessary. Furthermore, students will learn how to implement these techniques in precarious situations. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand how to remain calm and composed, whilst using the techniques along with their natural instincts to diffuse an incident.

During the workshop, one of the main exercises that will be covered is a stress drill. Our instructors will simulate the conditions of a violent altercation and a hijacking situation. Both of which will undoubtedly raise the students? stress levels. At that point, participants will be taught how to control their breathing, which will allow them to maintain control of their faculties and think logically. Additionally, students will learn how to safely evacuate from the aircraft using the customary parachute that the staffs provide. As a result, students will understand how to follow the correct procedure if required.

The instructors will then demonstrate the appropriate techniques that should be used to protect yourself in these scenarios. If you would like to join us on this unique and informative workshop, click the link below and learn invaluable ways to protect yourself whilst on board an aircraft.



(2018) Air rage is on the rise ? the number of passengers forcibly contained rose by 50% last year[online] Available at [Accessed 27th July 2018].

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