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Join KMDT at Happy Teen Wellbeing Weekender

On 17th of March, KMDT will be collaborating with Happy Teen Wellbeing Weekender for a conference. This great organisation is focussed on improving and assisting teens with mental health issues they are experiencing. KMDT is passionate and determined to improve people?s mental health and will be delivering free demonstrations of techniques at the conference. Our experienced NLP practitioners and counsellors will also be available, offering free advice to anyone who needs it.

Kat Shaw has arranged for organisations to offer advice and support to teenagers that will attend. With a Master?s degree in education, Kat has a wealth of knowledge in the field and is dedicated to assisting teens with their hardships. Her knowledge and understanding of the educational system combined with her compassionate nature, is essential when dealing with sensitive issues and vulnerable students. KMDT will be one of those organisations available to help in this event. Sanjeev Mehta is the director and chief instructor at KMDT and has over 20 years of instructional experience. Furthermore, he is a qualified NLP Practitioner and Counsellor and regularly works with parents and teenagers to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

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There are a variety of issues that teenagers experience as they go through the stressful educational system. Stress, anxiety, depression and other disorders are the most common problems that students face during their school tenures. Experienced counsellors and psychologists will outline and provide coping strategies to combat these issues. Furthermore, different studying techniques will be explored and explained to the attendees. They will be able to learn and implement them, making studying sessions more efficient and less stressful.


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Parents will receive advice and calming techniques, which can be utilised to relax their children and diffuse stressful situations. Teaching parents these techniques is equally as important as teenagers learning them themselves. In order for the students to manage and minimise their stress levels, it is imperative the parents maintain their composure and support their children effectively. If you are worried about your child?s mental health, you should purchase a ticket to the event at the link below.