Kids Self Defence Classes

How does KMDT help corporations fulfil their duty of care?

KMDT is committed to making employees of various companies feel safer and more confident in their working environments. Acid attacks, knife crime and muggings are all on the rise throughout the United Kingdom. Office workers may be at risk to these attacks, as many criminals target them. KMDT teaches practical and realistic self-defence techniques that can be utilised in a variety of scenarios. The corporate courses that KMDT offer are unique because employees will learn how to use their environment to protect themselves against unexpected attacks. During these courses, workers will learn the importance of situational awareness and how to identify the signs that lead to potential attacks. Once these threats are detected, participants are taught the quickest and most effective way to address the situation.?Muggings are common attacks that can take place anywhere. When employees travel to and from work, they have their valuable belongings with them. This often includes their phone, car keys, wallet and other necessary items.

While these items are essential, it makes workers a prime target for this type of crime. KMDT corporate courses will teach the participants how simple items such as those mentioned above can be effective tools to defend themselves against attackers. Upon completion of the course, workers will feel safer and more empowered in their environment.KMDT is also very passionate about tackling bullying, which may go undetected in a workplace. Therefore, the course entails employees learning NLP techniques and coping strategies from experienced practitioners. Once the employees are taught these important coping skills, they will also be shown how to implement them in stressful situations. As a result, they will feel calmer when dealing with confrontational individuals, which will ensure a safe and more efficient working environment. If you would like to enrol on a corporate course for your organisation, please visit