Krav Maga in St Albans

How can KMDT be used in the workplace?

With a large volume of people with different personalities and lifestyle choices, the workplace can unfortunately be the centre of intense conflict. Stress, deadlines, meetings and other volatile situations may result in heated conversations and confrontations. KMDT have developed simple, practical and effective skills that can be utilised in the workplace if necessary. We encourage our students to use the environment around them as a resource to protect themselves. Many attacks take place in parking locations, as they are usually quiet and enclosed. KMDT teaches defensive techniques, which neutralise strength and power but focus on technique and mind set.

Our system allows students to feel confident and empowered in all aspects of their life, as they are armed with skills that boost their confidence and self-assurance. KMDT teaches students about the importance of situational awareness, showing them the most effective stances and techniques to utilise depending on the level of aggression the attacker demonstrates. We feel that it is important to raise the student?s stress levels to ensure that they are acclimatised and prepared to how their body would react if a situation arises.

KMDT have recently begun delivering self-defence classes for Ocado Technology, teaching techniques to make them feel safer and protected in their lives. Our growing organisation has now ventured into the corporate sector and has proven to be extremely beneficial to those who participated. If you would like to enquire about self-defence classes for your organisation, contact us at