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- Tackle Moped Crime With KMDT

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Moped crimes have been on the rise over the last year with over 23,000 incidents in 2017. According to Berry F (2017), there has been an ?Increased spate of offences by gangs of yobs on mopeds in St Albans.? This terrifying news proves that moped crimes are now rife throughout both London and Hertfordshire. Furthermore, more crimes of this kind are being reported every week. Police units around the United Kingdom are urging the public to be more aware of bikers, to prevent themselves from being victims.?KMDT is dedicated and passionate about tackling this crime with their comprehensive practical defence system.

Whilst training under KMDT, students learn about the importance of situational awareness, which is an essential component in preventing moped crimes. This technique allows students to identify signs of a potential incident before it has occurred.?Once a threat has been detected, members are taught the quickest and most effective way to diffuse the situation, minimising the chances of suffering any significant injuries. Additionally, the KMDT defence system is specifically designed to be implemented and effective in any situation.

As moped crimes are often quick and sudden, members are taught how to utilise their environment to protect themselves against these attackers. As a result, students who train with KMDT feel an immediate boost of confidence and self-assurance. Therefore, each student that trains with us stated they feel more aware of their surroundings and safer, as they can use the techniques learned to defend themselves. Join our growing family-friendly club and see how KMDT can empower you by clicking the link below.


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