Hertfordshire Martial Arts Clubs

Fight Mental Health With KMDT

In recent years, mental health issues have been on the rise. Many people including public figures have spoken out about their experiences with the disorder. While society has made great progress in treating mental health as a legitimate illness, there is still a great deal of work to be done to ensure that the public feels continuously supported when dealing with any issues. KMDT is passionate about helping its members combat this crippling condition, as we believe our members mental stability is equally as important as their physical stability.

In addition to our talented instructors, KMDT also delivers Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques in a free counselling service to its members from experienced NLP practitioners. We actively encourage our members to communicate about any issues they may be experiencing. KMDT adds each member to a group where they can interact with the instructors and others in the organisation. By doing so, we?ve created a support network for our members to utilise whenever issues arise if they feel comfortable.

During the counselling sessions, our practitioners provide our members with techniques and coping strategies to deal with crippling disorders such as stress and anxiety. Furthermore, once they adopt the strategies shown, participants are taught how to implement them when difficult situations arise. We are the first Krav Maga organisation to offer this counselling service and it has proven to be extremely effective with the members.

We are proud to announce that KMDT have been invited along to an event with Happy Teen Wellbeing Weekender because of the work we?ve done to benefit the community and our members. We are providing free demonstrations of selected techniques at the event and teaching people how to protect themselves against a number of unexpected attacks. The KMDT organisation couldn?t be more proud to work with Happy Teen Wellbeing Weekender and believe that this collaborative effort will not only benefit both organisations but more importantly, the wider community in keeping safe, both physically and mentally. To join the organisation, click the link below.