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Combat Bullying With KMDT

In recent years, there has been a clear rise with bullying in schools. A large number of children have spoken out and talked about traumatic experiences where they have been bullied. With approximately 60 of our members being juniors, we at KMDT see the effects of bullying on many juniors when they first join the club. KMDT teaches realistic de-escalation and self-defense techniques in Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes that can be utilised to prevent harmful or dangerous situations, which are commonplace with bullying. These scenarios include shirt grabbing, finger pointing, physical and verbal abuse.

Unfortunately, research and testimonials show that people with a lack of confidence are a prime target for bullies. KMDT prides itself on providing our members with the confidence they need to deal with any bullying that takes place. Through a free counseling service that KMDT offers to all members, we provide techniques and coping strategies, which have proved very effective in counteracting bullying. The KMDT system rapidly builds confidence and self-assurance for our members. Consequently, bullies are unlikely to target people that clearly display confidence.

Furthermore, we also teach the important tool of de-escalation, showing students how to adapt their body language and tone of voice to avoid physical confrontations. However, despite a person’s best effort to avoid a confrontation, bullies may still attempt to damage or hurt people. In situations such as this, KMDT techniques can be easily utilised and is likely to prevent any significant damage to the victim.

At KMDT, students are taught about the importance of situational awareness. We believe it’s crucial for students to recognise the important signs that usually lead to a potential conflict. Their awareness of such predicaments allows them to reflect upon the techniques they learn in classes and implement them if needed. KMDT also launched an anti-bullying petition that received over 100 signatures in the first week, proving that people recognise this as a serious issue and believe in the work we’re doing to counteract it. If you want your children to feel safer and more confident contact us at