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Tackle Moped Crime With KMDT

Moped crimes have been on the rise over the last year with over 23,000 incidents in 2017. According to Berry F (2017), there has been an ?Increased spate of offences by gangs of yobs on mopeds in St Albans.? This terrifying news proves that moped crimes are now rife throughout both London and Hertfordshire. Furthermore, […]

How can KMDT be used in the workplace?

With a large volume of people with different personalities and lifestyle choices, the workplace can unfortunately be the centre of intense conflict. Stress, deadlines, meetings and other volatile situations may result in heated conversations and confrontations. KMDT have developed simple, practical and effective skills that can be utilised in the workplace if necessary. We encourage […]

Join KMDT at Happy Teen Wellbeing Weekender

On 17th of March, KMDT will be collaborating with Happy Teen Wellbeing Weekender for a conference. This great organisation is focussed on improving and assisting teens with mental health issues they are experiencing. KMDT is passionate and determined to improve people?s mental health and will be delivering free demonstrations of techniques at the conference. Our […]

Fight Mental Health With KMDT

In recent years, mental health issues have been on the rise. Many people including public figures have spoken out about their experiences with the disorder. While society has made great progress in treating mental health as a legitimate illness, there is still a great deal of work to be done to ensure that the public […]