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About Us

Our ethos is to create a sense of family whereby our members feel a sense of belonging.

We at KMDT provide an ego-free, safe environment where members can learn to the best of their abilities. They will help one another, care for each other and protect each other.

By having the support of our experienced team and its members, every individual in our club will be mentally and physically stronger, whilst having a sense of belonging to our family. KMDT is the largest Krav Maga provider in Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes, with the support and endorsement from well-known leaders in the Krav Maga world, Vicky Kapoor (IUKMF) and Master Tomasz Adamczyk. We are so confident that you will want to be part of our inspiring family, we offer you a free trial.

KMDT is an all-inclusive club, encouraging families, juniors and adults to train together, ensuring that students receive training of the highest standard of excellence. KMDT is committed to tackling bullying, providing workshops to many schools to empower its members and victims of bullying. We are exclusive by offering free counselling to members of our club who have been victims.

The director and chief instructor, Sanjeev Mehta has over 20 years of teaching and martial arts experience, ranging from a variety of defence techniques including Shotokan Karate, Taekwando, Aikido and Krav Maga. We have acquired the best parts of other martial arts and combined it with Krav Maga, to give you a real sense of Self Defence training.

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Sanjeev Mehta is a Krav Maga expert and the director of KMDT. He has over 20 years instructing experience in various fields, helping people to overcome their fears, building confidence and providing them with tactical defensive skills. He brings recognised Psychological and NLP techniques, which he utilises to enhance student’s training, increasing their fitness and self-assurance. Also have experience working on the frontline in the security industry.

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Vicky Kapoor has 40 years’ experience in extensive and intensive training in various fitness and lifestyle connected subjects and hand to hand combat training. He is one of the world’s leading authorities in Krav Maga and thrives to improve technique in Martial arts with the help of a team of experts from across the globe.

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Master Tomasz Adamczyk, with over 40 years instructors experience.
Many years Tomasz was a member of the elite Israeli Global Instructors Team of IKMF and KMG…
Till today he has prepared over 1000 Krav Maga instructors all over the world:
Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Special Forces, VIP Protection, Air Marshal and others…
Every month he teaches Special Forces and govermental services all over the world…” for more details please Click here